About Biloela

The bustling rural town of Biloela nestled in the centre of the Callide Valley, a rich agricultural area. Coal mines, power stations, and meatworks contribute to the town’s broad economic base. The district was settled in 1854 with many large runs being established around that time. The township was surveyed in association with the railway line and first settled in 1924. The working of Callide Mine can be seen from a lookout on Gladstone Rd and there are tours of the Power Station. Within easy reach are Callide Dam, a venue for boating, and Mount Scoria, one of Australia’s most interesting mountains. Its name comes from scoriaceous basalt, a type of volcanic rock which has taken the form of the fingers of an outstretched hand. When the ‘fingers’ are struck they produce a musical sound. Biloela Location: 647 km northwest of Brisbane at junction of Dawson & Burnett Highways. Shire: Banana Population: 5050 and growing. Postcode: 4715 • Events: Biloela Annual Show (Friday and Saturday mid-May). • Name Origin: From the Aboriginal word meaning "Cockatoo".

Map of Biloela