Tenant & Landlord Testimonials

The entire team at First National Biloela were very helpful! A huge thanks to Amanda and Lauren for making both transitions from becoming a home owner and landlord so smooth and no fuss.

Chloe Stevens

Virginia Atto is Brilliant!
Since taking over management of our property, we are confident
it is in good hands. She managed to build a good report with our
previous tenant, who had rental arrears, and because she was
able to personally approach him, and communicate well with us,
we were all able to achieve excellent outcomes.
She always follows up on our requests, we receive regular
inspection reports. When there are maintenance issues, she
informs us and actions decisions promptly, usually suggests the
best and most economical method of repairs, and with our
previous tenant, he was even willing to undertake simple repairs
himself.....I'm sure because he trusted her and us.
We now have a new tenant, who we know personally, but we
want to keep this arrangement strictly business and Virginia has
already created good 'boundaries' for his/our relationship.
We also appreciate that the 'downtime' for us, between tenants
was very short. I'm being selfish....but, Please keep her as 'our
Property Manager'!!
Marion Osborne, Kempsey NSW

Marion Osborne

It was a pleasure to be dealing with Rachel and Lauren, they
both went out of their way to accommodate requests. Thank

Donia Walton

First National Biloela has a really good set up, like how you can view your tenants details online.

Heather & Allister Hutchinson

Karmen was very professional and thorough finding the right unit to suit my needs as a shift worker.

Peter Trotter

Virginia was very helpful, kind and payed attention to detail. The rental application process was simple and very easy to understand. Overall i am now a very happy tenant.

Brendan Baker

Lauren Gurnick is always obliging and always communicates well between us, the landlords and the tenants.
She also goes above and beyond in securing the best deals when it comes to signing up leases etc and
constantly makes sure the properties are maintained in an above average order.

We are more than happy to recommend her services to others.

Ashley & Karina Klease

Lauren communicates well and follows up on any issues promptly, with great results. It gives me good peace
of mind having Lauren managing my investment property.

Brendan Nichols BILOELA

Lauren is wonderful. I would not trust my property with anyone else, she keeps us up to date with everything, we love her and greatly respect her and her guidance in managing our property. We trust and respect her decisions on anything to do with our property, she goes to great lengths to contact us as sometimes we have been very hard to track down. I could not recommend Lauren Gurnick more highly. She is all of this and more.

Marlene Snoodyk

Marlene Snoodyk

We have a trusting relationship with Lauren Gurnick and would be disappointed if we were to lose her as our property manager. Lauren seemed to be up to speed with our expectations of using First National Biloela to manage our property as soon as she was assigned the task.
We appreciate Lauren's professionalism and fairness. She is prompt at reporting when an issue arises. She is also prompt to make adjustments to preferred tradespeople for maintenance purposes which is important to us. In addition, her advice and guidance is valued.

Rod Burgess, Maitland NSW

Rod Burgess, Maitland NSW