Property Management Services with First National Real Estate Biloela


At First National Biloela, we have a 'zero tolerance to rent arrears' policy in place to minimize arrears. This includes daily monitoring, phone calls, letters, emails and SMS messages to tenants. Should your tenant fall into arrears, they will be issued with a Notice to Remedy Breach on the 8th day of arrears, followed by a Notice to Leave on the 17th day should the rent not be rectified. We will inform you should such a situation occur.

RTA Requirements Implemented

As is law through the Rooming and Accommodation Act, our agency ensures that all documentation such as Bond Lodgement and Refund Forms, General Tenancy Agreements and Entry Condition Reports are completed.

Routine Inspections

Our policy is to carry out regular inspections of your property and to provide written reports. Our agency carries out an initial 6 weekly inspection once the tenant has moved in.

These inspections are done to ensure that the property is not being damaged and is being maintained in accordance with the Tenancy Agreement and Entry Condition Report. Your report provides information on how the tenant is keeping the property as well as any issues the tenant has noticed that may require attention.

This report, however, is not a building inspection report, but an observation by a member of staff.

Initial and Exit Inspections

Thorough initial and exit inspections are essential to ensuring that your property is maintained to the highest level possible. This procedure is one of the most important and detrimental tasks involved in property management.


Landlords have a duty to their tenants to ensure the property is well maintained and in good repair. It is in the best interests of property owners to maintain their investment in the best condition possible.

There are two key classifications for repairs - Urgent and Non-Urgent. An Urgent repair must be responded to within 24 hours. A Non-Urgent repair may take longer, but common sense must prevail. We have a 24 hour contact service for urgent repairs.

We only use qualified and appropriately licensed and insured tradespeople who provide prompt service at competitive rates.